Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Victor Hugo's message to the DSP blog

The DSP blog's soul was strangely stirred recently while viewing "Les Miserables" in Chicago, when I heard Victor Hugo (the author) sending a strong message to the DSP blog and I'm pretty sure it was intentional, too).  The main character, Jean Veljean, has spent some time in a prison for stealing bread and a few other things.  He is pursued relentlessly by Javert, a police inspector, who sees Jean Veljean as one thing only:  a criminal.  Fortunately for Jean Veljean's sake, he runs into Bishop Myriel, who sees Jean Veljean as a man, not a criminal.  At one point, Jean Veljean says to Javert--"I am a man," (not a convict).  If you are still reading at this point, you are probably seeing the obvious message Victor Hugo was sending to DSP blog readers, but at the risk of offending you, I'll point out the obvious.  I'm pretty sure Victor Hugo was saying, see yourself as a person, not as a patient, and look for a doctor who sees you as a person and is a competent clinician who can offer you a good map.

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