Thursday, March 3, 2011

Help your doctor take better care of you by asking this one question

"Should I still keep taking this medication given the obnoxious side effects I'm having?"

As a new study suggests, at least in "old people" (the DSP blog wants to know how you really know how old somebody is, but that's a topic for another blog...), adverse effects of a drug, such as "mild fatigue, nausea, or fuzzy thinking" decrease a person's willingness to take even a medication that is effective in preventing the obnoxious side effect of life where your heart stops beating.   (For DSP blog readers that want technical details, go here; for those of you who only have 3 minutes, (and not 3 hours to read through the study), and are seeking a more palatable way to learn about this study, go here and watch the video.

Sadly, as discussed in Dr. Groopman's "How Doctors Think", in today's rushed environment, doctors rarely discuss side effects with their patients when they prescribe a medication.  Rather than deciding on your own to discontinue (or cut back on) a medication that could be effective to minimize the impact a disease exerts on your life, the DSP blog feels it would be better for all parties involved to discuss it with your doctor, and search for alternatives that might work.  

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