Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upcoming show: March 5: Wheelchair to marathon due to effective driving?

The DSP blog is excited to inform you that, thanks to some cigar smoking, back room wheeling and dealing, Washington's very own Rahm Emanuel will be Chicago's new mayor Lisa Hall will be joining us on the Driver's Seat Patient Radio show, March 5, 2011, from 0800 - 0830.  As told on her blog, The Proactive Patient, Lisa got in the driver's seat and successfully made the trip from being not being able to walk down the driveway due to being able to run a marathon.  This was accomplished with stops at 38 different physicians, including one who apparently realized that her symptoms were due to the internal conflict raging inside her head because she was a southern woman (his diagnosis, not the DSP blog's).  At any rate, her story is quite intriguing, and the DSP blog is looking forward to talking with her about her experience, and plans to ask her just how applicable her experience is to others (apparently some of her symptoms may have been secondary to a lightning strike....).  So please join us here live on March 5, and call in with your questions.

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